2017 Summer Series Walks
The Summer Series walks all start at 05.30pm and offer a 10km route starting and finishing at the venues shown.
All events are IVV registered (BWF/90/S2/17)

The organisers are not liable for accidents, thefts and/ or damage to property. Every effort will be made by the organisers to make these safe, enjoyable and memorable events

Date Venue Map/Grid
26th April War Memorial, Woodford NN14 4HE SP 967:769
24th May Viking, Grangeway, Rushden NN10 9JE SP 950:657
7th June Red Lion/ Market Hill Car Park, Rothwell NN14 6JW SP 816:811
21st June The Locomotive, 111 Finedon Rd, Wellingborough NN8 4AL SP 903:691
5th July Thornhill Arms, Rushton NN14 1RL (note restricted parking) SP 842:829
19th July Co-op Car Park, St. Osyths Lane, Oundle PE8 4BG TL 042:880
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Six walks in the Summer Series for 2017

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